How to Keep Your Home Spotless for Showings with Kids

Dated: September 14 2020

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Putting your home on the market is a big step that takes a lot of work. When you’re juggling kids, work, and cleaning, it can all be a bit much. By making a plan for cleaning, decluttering, and staging, you can stay on top of it all and show your home off in the best light possible. Below, find out what steps you’ll need to take when getting your home ready for sale with kids.

Make a Decluttering Plan

It’s natural to deal with clutter and messes on a daily basis when you’ve got kids. Over time, it’s easy to start overlooking it. But you can bet that it’s the first thing buyers are going to notice when they see your home for the first time. Plus, having clutter everywhere makes it almost impossible to stage your house to sell.

Luckily, moving is the perfect opportunity for decluttering. Nourishing Minimalism says you can simplify your approach by having nothing more than a packing box, donating box, and a trash bag in front of you as you sort through everything in your house. When you’re done, you’ll have quite a few boxes packed up, and the rest can all go to a charity to save space on your moving van.

Decluttering your kids’ items is a bit tougher, but it’s just as important. Giving your kids a special task can make it easier to get them on board. For example, they might find it fun to gather all their toys and put them in a big pile to sort through. The act of getting rid of items can be a little challenging, but there are many creative approaches for motivating your kids to downsize.

Tidy Outside, Too

Homebuyers love seeing updated bathrooms and kitchens, but these aren’t the only features that help sell your home. It might surprise you to know that many buyers are just as interested in garages and patios as they are in the interior of your home. According to figures from the National Association of Homebuilders, the majority of new homes were built with a patio, and only seven percent of new homes were built with no garage or carport!

If you already have a garage or patio, that’s great news for you. But having one of these features won’t automatically improve your selling chances. If your garage, carport, or deck has seen better days, now might be the perfect time to spruce it up.

Cleaning and staining your deck, for example, is an easy way to make it look like new. And your efforts don’t have to stop there. Staging your backyard and patio can be just as important as staging the interior.

It’s Okay to Ask for Help

You’ve got a lot on your plate taking care of your kids, planning a move and trying to coordinate things with your realtor. If you’ve already spent a lot of time tidying and staging, you don’t want to see all your hard work go to waste.

Instead of spreading yourself too thin, consider hiring a housekeeper to help you out. Housekeepers take care of routine tasks like dusting, doing the dishes, tackling laundry, and even running errands so you don’t have to.

Lay Down the Ground Rules

With all that cleaning and staging done in and out of your house, you’ll want to make sure everything stays looking nice. After all, kids are experts at making messes, and you don’t want to waste any effort cleaning up when you don’t have to.

You’ve probably already explained to your kids why you’re moving, but they might not understand why it matters to keep your old place clean and tidy unless you lay out the rules for them. For example, having your kids keep their play to a designated area is a great way to keep the place looking clean for showings.

Sometimes, it’ll feel impossible to keep everything show-ready when you’ve got kids in the house. By sticking to a plan and getting your kids to help, everyone will be on the same team for getting your home ready to sell.

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